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This week's produce - beautiful veg for beautiful prices!

Submitted by coordinator on 7 September, 2015 - 14:42
organic fresh

Fresh in we have more Organic Strawberries! Did you know that non-organic Strawberries are one of the riskiest fruits to consume as they neatly absorb the pesticides? Our Organic Strawberries from Coochin Hills QLD will please you hugely!

Cauliflower has given us all a great big hug this season. We feel that it may be coming to the end! For this reason we have some nice heads in this week for a bargain. Broccoli is also in at a spectacular price right now. * Florets galore!

Now then – our Meyer Lemons have indeed doubled in size up on those trees in Comboyne. Don’t be fooled! They are soft and the most beautiful deep yellow colour due to the fact that they are at their prime! SO juicy and ready to eat or juice. Skin and all!

A couple more exciting newbies in produce worth a mention are fresh-in Beetroot Bunches from Picklecreek Farm – attached are the most delicious leaves which can be used in Spanakopita, stirfries, curries or green smoothies like you would Spinach.

Our Cabbages are really something right now. All really tight and crunchy. Small red ones from Moonacres Farm, as well as large white and Savoy varieties. Bring a cabbage-carrying-able-and-willing-buddy to help you shop at AH this week!


* To view these prices along with the rest of our refridgerated produce please click on the file attachment 'price list' :)