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Volunteer shifts available

Submitted by admin on 1 June, 2015 - 11:28

 Following please find a copy of a recent volunteer call - out we sent out in May of this year :

Alfalfa House Volunteer Call - Out
At Alfalfa House we love our volunteers, and would like to start doing better at reaching out to you. From now on we'll send a monthly newsletter letting you know what we're looking for at the moment and how to put your hand up.
Volunteering at Alfalfa House

In order to volunteer, interested members must first have attended an induction : a guided tour of the shop covering policies and procedures, including an introduction to the volunteer code of conduct. Inductions are conducted at the shop on Saturday mornings at 10.30 am. Please email here to express your intention of attending ( although you can also just turn up on the day ). If you can't make a weekend induction, please email here to arrange an induction during the week. All we ask is that you wear enclosed shoes while being inducted...


If you'd like to help us with refill, we'd love to see you any day from 11.00 am onwards. Shifts can last as little as an hour or more, and we'd be even more grateful if you were able to commit to a regular shift.  Pretty much any day in the afternoon is awesome. Experienced refillers are particularly required on weekends at present. Please email here if you know when you'd be able to assist.

Heavy Lifting

A number of our orders are received in rather heavy packages. If you're comfortable lugging such boxes and bags as part of our daily work flow, we'd love to hear from you. We're looking for assistance on the following days and hours :

Monday and Friday mornings from 8.30
Tuesday afternoons from 2.30 for a dedicated liquids refill mission
Thursdays from 11.00 onwards until 8.00 ( lots of deliveries, lots of refill )

Please email here if you can help us out.

Deep Cleaning
Every Thursday afternoon from 4.30 we deep clean a number of our fittings and containers. If you would like to help maintain our high standards of cleanliness please email here. Expected duration 2 - 3 hours.
Facing and Date Checking
Wednesday mornings at 9.00 we'd love to share our space with a volunteer who is good with detail to date check our closed door fridge contents, face all the labels the same way and make it look neat.
Expected duration 1&1/2 to 2 hours.
Please email here if you can help us out.