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Volunteer code of conduct

Submitted by admin on 19 October, 2015 - 12:53

Volunteer Code of Conduct
This Code of Conduct applies to all volunteers at Alfalfa House.
1 Alfalfa House expects all volunteers to conduct themselves in a manner that observes both honesty and integrity.
2 Volunteers are expected to be respectful of and polite to all other staff, members and shoppers.
3 Volunteers are to wash their hands on commencing their shift and as necessary.
4 Volunteers are to follow all relevant food safety guidelines and WH+S standards and procedures. This includes but is not limited to being clean; wearing gloves when handling food with their hands; wearing enclosed footware; and tying hair back.
5 Volunteers are expected to observe the Safer Spaces Policy, specifically to be accepting of others' differences and not discriminate against others.
6 Alfalfa House encourages individual and group initiative, but requests that all volunteers consult with and gain the approval of the Manager and/or staff to ensure the task and/or activity they wish to undertake fits within the co-opÕs objectives, policies and WH+S standards and procedures.