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Veggie 'ventures at AH this week!

Submitted by coordinator on 26 October, 2015 - 15:11
organic fresh

In right now we have fresh organic cobs of Corn, plenty of organic crunchy Lebanese Cucumbers, and the sweetest most crunchy heads of White and Red Cabbage you could imagine, mate! You know, that collection of veg would be delightful in a raw 'slaw. Maybe char the corn and scatter over the top with fresh Lime juice and Coriander. Yum.

At this time of year our citrus situation becomes a little more fragile. Your lemons and other citrus fruits would prefer to take up a little of your fridge space after your shop at the co-op. (It's a win-win-situation. More room for organic Pink Ladies, Lady Finger Bananas and Avocados in your fruit bowl!)

Our Brocc still rocks and won’t exhaust your piggy bank. I'm pretty sure you'll be wanting more of this sweet bunched organic Asparagus too. We just can’t get enough :)