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Sweet Potato Party

Submitted by coordinator on 9 November, 2015 - 14:52
organic fresh

Kumera! A very well rounded vegetable nutritionally, which keeps you happy on the inside! We have three varieties of organic Kumera in the Co-op right now. Red skin with white fleshy innards, white with white and flecks of purple, and the sweetest of the lots – Orange skinned with orange flesh.

You know what? Baked Kumera happens to be one of my favourite breakfast foods! Baking a Kumera in its jacket requires very little preparation while you sleepily wash your hair or dishes from last night.  Warm, soft and easy on your belly first thing in the morning. I like to chop up a generous amount of Italian Parsley to top mine up – along with olive oil and nutritional yeast.

We have loads of recipe suggestions to share with you at AH! How do you like your Kumera…?