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Produce Gossip Monday 24th August 2015

Submitted by coordinator on 24 August, 2015 - 14:41
organic fresh

Celery is back! Oh how we've missed it. Give your stock or green juice that little something that's been missing for a little while! 

Fresh in this week you will find some glorious Misome (A.K.A. Tatsoi) and huge bunches of Spinach from Pickle Creek Farm in Cattai NSW. Esther's Celeriac's are also super delicious for grating into your bakes or burger patties, making rich mash, or complementing your soups. You really can't go past Miss Celeriac! The tops can be used too for making stock.

There's nothing pear shaped about our juicy fruit selection right now. Except the pears. Beurre Bosc and Nashi are sweet and fabulous. A dollop of COYO yoghurt on top of a whole poached or baked Beurre Bosc sits nicely with me - morning or night!

From the Central Coast we have Colin's wee Passionfruit and Cumquots. Cumquots are delicious alongside an olive! His Navel's went into an Almond Orange cake this morning at Alfalfa House! We're not short of sensational citrus that's for sure.

Now is not the time to green out Alfalfies. Green in! We are swamped with only the best locally grown Organic and Chemical-Free Kale varieties, Broccoli, Fennel and lush Lettuces. We would be delighted to help you choose! 

We hope to see you at the co-op soon :)


Peas out