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Lettuce eat...Summer is here!

Submitted by coordinator on 30 November, 2015 - 17:20
organic fresh

Look what came in with the Common2us farmer direct delivery today. This ladybug clearly has excellent taste.

Huge amounts of Cos Lettuce, Zucchinis, Cucumbers and generous bunches of Basil have reached our fridge. Pesto and fritter time it is.

Stone fruit is upon us, including Mangoes, a bit pricey but not lacking in taste.

Pineapples are juicy and sweet, sweet, sweet. Oh, we have waited for this for so long.

Navels are on their way out, making way for the summer Valencia.

Tassie Snow Apple - a real surprise at this time of year. Crunchy, crispy and fresh…just like our playlists on a Sunday afternoon.


Peas out!