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Garden Peas from Picklecreek Farm - Shelling for the shrill of it!

Submitted by coordinator on 12 October, 2015 - 15:58
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It’s true! Shelling peas is rather thrilling, and heavily delicious without the heavy work. Garden peas once shelled are to be the star of many Spring dishes. Pastas, chilled legume salads, or combined with the many other fabulous relatives in our fridges right now! I made a delicious pea beany salad for our Sunday picnic lunch. Snow peas, shelled Garden peas, broad beans and green beans sproosed up with some garlic, olive oil and lemon zest. Salt flakes a must! This recipe is yummy served either warm or cold.

Asparagus would be most welcome here – and more affordable than ever before. Go crazy! A warm night might invite a night on the grill. In which case we have some beautiful little eggplants and zucchinis. Chillies which won’t blow your head off – but would be delicious grilled whole with these fellas.