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Crunching our way through Spring!

Submitted by coordinator on 19 October, 2015 - 15:07
organic fresh

Pictured here with Produce Coordinator, Ella, is a freshly picked red Cabbage from Picklecreek Farm just begging to be Krauted or crunched up in a fresh coleslaw salad. This gorgeous red thing has brilliant sound effects and taste to boot!

Sadly we say goodbye to Esther and the incredible produce we have enjoyed from her hard work at Picklecreek Farm over the last two years. We have been enjoying her delicious goodies including Beetroot, Tomatillos, Broad Beans, Peas of all sorts, Kale of every description, Herbs, Pumpkins and heart breaking Zucchinis...just to name a few. Thank you Esther and good luck!

We are still partying on to celebrate our rows of well-priced organic Asparagus at the co-op! Also - Corn on the cob is back this week! Jump in with a lovely salsa. Fresh Organic Tomatoes, Coriander, Cayenne Chillies, Shallots and Colin’s amazing Limes from Commboyne. Stick all that in a bowl and off you go to the beach for a BBQ.

Peas out.