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Bulk Orders

Submitted by coordinator on 11 July, 2012 - 13:19

Members of Alfalfa House can order food in bulk (in the minimum weight or quantity the co-op buys the product in) and receive an extra 5% discount on top of any other discount to which they are entitled. If it's not a regular co-op product, we may still be able to get it in. Talk to the Stock Coordinators or one of the Shop Coordinators (on the till).

When placing an order you'll need to provide

1. your name,

2. membership number,

3. contact phone number, and

4. the name of the product and the quantity.

These details are then entered in the Bulk Orders Book and your order placed next time the co-op orders from the supplier stocking your requested product. How long it takes will depend on how often the co-op orders from that supplier. If it is likely to take longer than 2-3 weeks for your bulk order to be received, we will contact you to let you know when we next expect to place an order with the supplier.

Here's a list of suppliers and roughly how often Alfalfa House places orders.

  • Austral Herbs- once every 4-6 weeks. Order placed Tuesday, delivered a week or so later. Herbs, spices
  • Demeter fortnightly. Order placed Wednesday morning in week A, delivered Thursday in week B (ie, ordered one week, delivered the next). Flours
  • Eco-farms weekly. Order placed Wednesday, delivered Friday. Various
  • Green Clover: weekly. Order placed Tuesday morning, delivered Thursday
  • Honest to Goodness: weekly. Order placed Tuesday morning, delivered Thursday afternoon. Various, nuts, dried fruit
  • Hunter Valley Organics: every two or three weeks. Ordered Tuesday morning, typically delivered on Thursday